Vibration & Extreme Motion Tolerant

Centritec Seals form a reliable seal even when subjected to severe vibration and shaft motion. Our seals do not require tight axial or radial alignment between the inner and outer ring.

Extended Bearing Life, Reduced Maintenance Costs

Our seals are field proven to increase bearing life by up to 400% compared to standard lip or labyrinth seals. This significantly reduces maintenance and costs.

Vertical Applications

With our unique, patented pressuring chamber design, Centritec Seals can operate in both horizontal and vertical mounted shafts.

Heat Dissipating

Centritec Seals reduce heat build-up in lubricating fluid, dissipating heat to the outside environment. This improves efficiency and performance.

Custom & Standard Solutions

Centritec Seals can be customized to fit any environment or condition - including high and low temperatures, high and low speeds, and different lubricating fluids.

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Centritec Seal

Unmatched Shaft Sealing Performance

The patented Centritec Seal design utilizes a rotating chamber within the seal to create a pressurized barrier as the lubricating fluid exits the chamber. This pressurized barrier keeps the lubricant in, and when used as a double seal, keeps the contaminants out – which results in unrivaled seal performance. The Centritec Seal design solves alignment issues that occur in mechanical seals and non-contact labyrinth seals, and also eliminates friction. Our engineers are always available to review your application and customize a solution for your needs.


Reduce Costs & Improve Efficiency

Centritec Seals offers engineers an unique non-contact sealing solution that was previously unavailable. This patented new design features lubricant fluid pressure generation and reduces lubricant heat build-up, which substantially reduces maintenance costs due to longer bearing life. The Centritec Seal is a low-cost solution that improves efficiency.
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A New Horizon for Non-Contact Seals

Our patented centrifugal pressure seal technology establishes a unique method to lock lubricants in and keep contaminants out, creating an entirely new use for non-contact seals. Centritec Seals can operate both vertically and horizontally in extreme temperature, motion, speed and vibration environments, successfully performing even with lubricating fluids that have extremely low viscosities, such as gas.
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